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Experience the Magic of Points of You ® Games and Tools - Creativity and Logic Combined

Engage your clients and audience through a inside-out approach

Are you a corporate trainer, coach, HR personnel or leader using coaching skills to lead teams?

Does the lack of effective processes and tools that generate genuine conversations challenge you? 

Perhaps you are searching for a methodology that is engages your audience better and also strengthens you through the process?

After more than 800 hours of coaching, 500 hours of group facilitation experience and successfully creating customized programs for adults, I deepened my practice through Points of You® tools and games.

Explore some the possibilities you can create using this powerful tool to connect both the creative and logical minds.

Transforming Team Workshops

A typical team workshop would involve mostly plenary discussions on common topics. The challenge is drawing out authentic viewpoints in a short amount of time. 

Using Points of You® here yielded a different experience. This workshop brought about authentic conversations that lead to great discoveries and synergy.

Learn to design new workshops based on the same learning objectives and create a different experience.

Igniting Conversations in Teams

Bringing teams together for conversations is a norm. But are your team members communicating honestly and directly? 

Using Points of You® processes will create psychological safety for you to ignite the conversations. 

Save time by getting to the root of the issue sooner. Learn to use different games to facilitate courageous conversations.

"The Hello Points workshop (L.1) was an eye opening experience. I see so many ways to use these games in various setups in my work. The program was full of pleasant surprises – I gained a deep sense of self-awareness that pushes me forward – a feeling I couldn't get from anywhere else... I am genuinely impressed by these games and processes."
~ Desmond Soo
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