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The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Sun-Mi Hwang


This title caught my eye lately as I was walking around in the book store. What a cute and hopeful title, yet at the same time, sad. How can a hen ever fly no matter how hard she dreams? 

No matter. Curiosity got the better of me and I got a copy of the book and god, was I blown away.

This. Is. Solid. Stuff.

Buried in every line, every page, was a golden life lesson. Let me distil them for you here.

But first, a quick summary.

The main character here, a hen, was Sprout. A rather unimpressive one. In fact, she is kept in a chicken coop which is so cramped that she could hardly flap her wings without them slap against the wire. As an egg-laying hen, her heart breaks a little every morning when the farmer's wife came to collect the egg she had painstakingly laid. The heartache had got to a point when she became depressed and refused to lay another egg. With her health and lifeforce dwindling away, her eggs became smaller and smaller. The final egg she laid was a shell-less...

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3 Powerful Lessons To Make A Successful Career Out Of Your Passion


It Feels Like a Dream

As I went on stage today to receive Asia's Most Talented Coaching Leaders 2019 (Singapore) award, it felt surreal.

Six years ago, I would never have imagined that this was possible.

Even in the early stages of building my coaching practice, so many coaches have told me that it is going to be highly impossible that I could build a viable practice on coaching alone. Truth be told, 82% of coaches never survive past the first three years of their practice. The odds were alarming and worrying.

The beginning was tough and arduous. I struggled to find time and clients to accumulate enough coaching hours for the first level of the credential by the International Coach Federation. Compared to what I was doing before, I am now able to work four times faster. This meant reaching four times the number of people and transforming four times the number of lives. This pace of working, level of international exposure, and impact were unimaginable six years ago.

How did I do it?...

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