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Leadership Agility Blueprint holds the essence that undergirds the award-winning book '8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility.' That's right, this is BEHIND THE SCENES of my book as well as my entire coaching process. 
This blueprint shows you how you, with the right leadership development, will finally see pronounced improvements in your effectiveness in work and life with simple, subtle shifts in thoughts and acts. Whether you are an individual contributor, a people leader or running your own business,  this blueprint enables you to navigate complexities and uncertainties with the sense of ease and authenticity.
This blueprint contains also the most prevalent pain points that leaders have shared with me. That's not all – the AGILE MINDSET GAME gets you to embrace the right mindset – the agile mindset or agility, taking a total-brain (creative and logical) approach that anchors your shift into a persona that actually serves you.
Agility enables you to go into any organization; whether it's a start up, a SME, or diverse MNC; and immediately get the context of the new environment, read nuances and engage stakeholders effectively. Once you master it, you – an agile leader – will win supporters and sponsorsmelt resistance and mobilize people. Be the mover and shaker you are meant to be. Inspire others work with you so you will create meaningful, impactful outcomes together.
This is a sustainable state of leadership that many executives and professionals want to figure out and I'm giving it to you right now.
  • ​The Leadership Agility Blueprint will unlock your potential and give you clarity on your immediate next steps
  • The Agile Mindset Game will shift your paradigm so you will break free from the common conundrums (Paradoxes) without wasting time through trial-and-error. 
  • The Leadership Agility Blueprint will show you strategic options you can choose from so you will increase your agility immediately.
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  • Five-part framework behind all my leadership development programs
  • Three of the most prevalent paradoxes modern leaders face in businesses
  • Agile Mindset Game to expand your perspectives, shift your mindset in a visual and fun way

This is Not Theory... 
These are the Same Steps That Helped Executives from More Than 30 Countries Achieve Breakthrough.

'8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility' was just the beginning – a glimpse into an effective leadership development that's specially designed for busy people like you. This design works because my readers, professionals like you, are saying how this book is different – move immediately from theory to practice so they start applying their new knowledge and achieve better outcomes.

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  1. I'm mailing you my Leadership Agility Blueprint and Agile Mindset Game. This blueprint retails for S$25 but I've giving it to you for free! All I ask is that you cover shipping and handling which is S$7.95 or S$15.95 anywhere else in the world.
  2. These are the exact phases all my highly successful clients get in our coaching and it has helped them reach or surpass their desired states.
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