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Engaging Programs for Impactful Learning

Empower Your Team Now
Are you tired of attending the same, old workshops year-after-year?
Perhaps you struggle to see the relevance of the full-day workshop you took?
You might find the content you learned is good. But applying it to your business area eludes you?
You expected to learn something of value, especially after investing time in it.
I know how it feels to gather your entire team together only to realize you invested time and money for nothing.
Ultimately, you need any lessons to produce immediate returns through real-life application.
Sign up for one of our in-demand predesigned programs to save time and effort. You will not be disappointed!
Each participant will gain new knowledge they can apply immediately to your business area.
Engage and network with other professionals while hearing expert views and new insights.
Explore some of our classic programs which will suit your needs, budget and time commitment.

"I have never seen my team so engaged in discussions. This workshop helped us appreciate each others' strengths and we are now better-positioned to take on future challenges."
~ Ashton P., Senior Director
Global Financial Services

Engage Your Team

Creating High-Performing Teams

Is your team working as one?

Are you bothered by low group performance despite having a team of rockstars?

This program solved this challenge for satisfied clients like you. Create high performing teams by the leveraging collective strengths of your team.

In this program, you and your team will:

  • Understand how to use their strengths
  • Prevent overuse of strengths and avoid negative effects 
  • Receive constructive feedback and affirmation from team mates
  • Gain mutual understanding in the team

This program is suitable for both large and small teams across all job functions and industries.

Leverage Collective Strengths Today

Leadership Effectiveness Audit

Do you want to develop your traits as a leader?

Perhaps you want to maximize your strengths but don't know how?

Join this program and you will:

  • Receive a CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment

  • Work with a coach for two 90-minute strategy sessions

  • Receive a personalized development plan

This virtual program works well teams or individuals. Join from any part of the world.

Increase Your Effectiveness Now

"I gained so many insights through the process. I now know what and how I can focus on being a better leader."
~ Maggie L., Manager
Global Fintech Company

Find Your New Normal

Genius Talent Discovery Process

Are you feeling bored with your career and curious about what would energize you?

Uncover your superpower. Learn what is unique to you so you will gain immense satisfaction in your career and life.

Join this program and you will find your genius talent. Uncover your 'what', 'why' and 'how' in just one session.

In this program, you will:

  • Work with me for one 3-hour session
  • Unearth your genius talent
  • Find your motivation in work and life

This virtual program is suitable for teams or individuals. Join from any part of the world.


Find Your Genius Talent Now

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